Available Position Profile - Executive Director 

Reports to: Board of Directors

Location:    Bainbridge Island, Washington (Seattle Area) 

The Opportunity

This is a moment in time, where much is afoot in moving The Art Project forward, while building on the strong foundation of the past.  Standing alongside a strong Board, staff team, community supporters and artists, the ED will shape the future and provide a strong platform for raising The Art Project’s impact and building further on its reputation and leadership in the arts. The Executive Director will have the opportunity to creatively develop and lead the organization. 

An energetic leader who loves putting together all the pieces of the puzzle will be in their element.  These pieces, like an artist’s colors, are the people, donations, programs, gallery, art sales, donations, budgets, outreach, programs workshops, classes, scholarships, awards and more. 

Your energetic commitment to art, creativity, strategy, fundraising and operations will move staff, volunteers, artists, programs, business operations, fundraising, community outreach, and mission execution.

Opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • Improving on the success of our gallery in showcasing new artists, providing retail opportunities for artists and art collectors alike and staging exhibitions and events to bring interesting art to more of the community all the while being financially viable

  • Implementing plans for fundraising opportunities, classes and events, community outreach, and scholarships and awards

  • Engaging more members and donors in a shared appreciation for art in our community

  • Establishing firm financial standing through fundraising and fiscal management, for current and yet unidentified ways The Art Project can share the arts

  • Expanding the name recognition and mission awareness that is unique to The Art Project and differentiates it from all arts organizations locally and regionally

  • Nurturing relationships with board, staff, volunteers, artists and community


Candidate Profile

ELEVATE: We seek a leader with demonstrated ability to elevate The Art Project with collaborative leadership, human resource knowledge, financial management, experience increasing and sustaining philanthropic awareness and enthusiasm, community building and passion for art in the community.  Our perfect candidate is excited to have both depth and breadth of responsibilities. 

INFLUENCE:  The successful candidate will be a strong collaborative leader and a strategic thinker capable of harnessing the strengths of internal and external team members (Board, Staff, and Volunteers).  Exhibiting skilled communications, both in writing and speaking, helps others to understand needs and opportunities with clarity.

FUNDS AND FRIENDS: Nonprofit leadership is an art and the ED brings fundraising expertise, as well as management experience, leading a Board, staff and volunteers in a cultural organization. Friend raising and fundraising are the focus of our events and the candidate understands and can implement these appropriately.  Financial sustainability depends on both securing funds and managing them wisely.

RELATIONSHIPS: We are looking for a self-motivated individual who actively pursues, cultivates and enjoys building and maintaining strong relationships and alliances with internal and external groups and individuals.  Given the rich artistic climate and philanthropic culture in our region, we look for someone genuine in their engagement with others.  Established networks in the arts and philanthropy would be advantageous. 

TEAM:  Our staff of 8 support one another by wearing multiple hats and personally handling operational and administrative tasks routinely.  We value working to our strengths and being a positive work culture with a shared passion for the arts and community.

ART: Since our gallery is core to our business model, its financial viability requires closely working with retail personnel, artists and the community so that we can then further reach beyond the gallery.  Art gallery and retail experience will contribute to the success of the candidate. 

SMARTS: An undergraduate degree is required, preferably in a related field (i.e., communications, public administration, arts management, business, etc.). A graduate degree is desirable.  Evidence of continuing education or work experience in finance, fundraising, arts management, retail and nonprofit leadership would be a plus.

FLEX: Schedule flexibility is part of the position and may allow you to balance your personal and professional interests.  At the same time, nights and weekend events may require your participation.

SHOW US: If you are passionate about what you see here and can demonstrate your approach to this position, please let us hear from you.  If you don’t have a few of the characteristics we describe, show us or give us examples of how you might compensate for this to be successful. 


Position Summary

The Executive Director serves as chief executive of The Art Project and, in partnership with the Board of Trustees (Board), is responsible for the success of The Art Project. Together, the Board and Executive Director assure the organization’s relevance to the community, adherence to our mission and vision, and our accountability to our diverse constituents. 

The Executive Director sets the tone and atmosphere that motivates a multitude of people – Staff, Board, Donors, Members, Volunteers, and members of the community – to be engaged in and committed to The Art Project.   

Organizational Leadership

  • Participates with the Board in developing a vision and strategic plan to guide the organization.

  • Advises the Board on all aspects of The Art Project’s activities.

  • Identifies, assesses, and informs the Board of internal and external issues that affect the organization.

  • Acts as a spokesperson.

  • Representative at community activities to enhance the organization’s community presence.

  • Communicate and consult with Counsel on behalf of The Art Project. 


  • Ensures that the operation of The Art Project meets the expectations of its clients, Board, members, and donors.

  • Drafts policies for the approval of the Board and prepares required documentation.

  • Oversees the efficient and effective day-to-day operations of The Art Project and maintains the facilities.

  • Provides support to the Board by preparing meeting agendas and supporting materials.

  • Keeps the Board apprised of The Art Project’s financial situation each month or more often as needed.

  • Provides any information or history that may be needed by the Finance committee as they monitor the performance of the endowment.

  • Maintains official records and documents, and ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations.


  • Works closely with the staff to plan, implement and evaluate The Art Project’s educational and curatorial programs and services.

  • Ensures that the programs and services offered by The Art Project contribute to the organization’s mission and reflect the priorities of the Board.

  • Evaluates the programs and services of The Art Project to maintain or improve quality.

  • Creates special projects, programs and events to respond to the needs of The Art Project and community at large.

  • Maintains relationships with and working knowledge of the approximately 200 artists who are represented by The Art Project.

  • Maintains familiarity with significant developments in the local and regional art scene.

Human resources

  • Determines all staffing requirements, staff salaries, and staff benefits in conjunction with budgetary process.

  • Oversees the implementation of the human resources policies, procedures, and practices.

  • Cultivates a work culture that values employees’ strengths, offers fulfillment and nurtures communication.

  • Establishes a positive, healthy, and safe work environment in accordance with all appropriate legislation and regulations.

  • Recruits, interviews, and selects staff who have professional and personal abilities to further The Art Project's mission.  Coaches and mentors staff for performance.

  • Establishes performance standards and manages performance as appropriate.  When performance standards are not adequately met or policies are violated, takes appropriate action according to professional and legal standards.  

Financial and fundraising

  • Works with staff and the Board to prepare a comprehensive and realistic annual operating budget.

  • Researches, creates, and implements income sources to underwrite programming, including fundraising campaigns, grants, and other.

  • Develops a detailed knowledge of The Art Project’s donor and member databases, and establishes and implements best practices for targeted fundraising and donor stewardship.

  • Ensures that sound bookkeeping and accounting procedures are followed.

  • Administers the funds of The Art Project according to the approved budget and keeps a keen eye on the cash flow.

  • Provides the Board with comprehensive, regular reports on revenues and expenditures.

  • Ensures that the Board and The Art Project carry appropriate and adequate insurance coverage.

Community relations

  • Communicates the good work of The Art Project with members, donors, and the greater community.

  • Establishes good working relationships and collaborative arrangements with regional artists, community groups, and other organizations to help achieve the goals of the organization.

Application Instructions:  Please provide a cover letter and resume as one document that shares your interest and qualifications for this position.  Send to Careers@theartproject.org .  No phone calls please.